What if the world is wrong?



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The storyline of the last two years has been familiar to everyone by now: a vicious virus  attacked human kind and caused significant amount of damages: loss of human life, disruption of economic activities, and tremendous psychological stress on the society. Now with the  vaccination coming on the scene, we can finally let out a big sigh of relief. We can see the light  coming from the end of the tunnel. 


Or is it so? 


Starting from my deep dive into nutrition, my understanding of our relationship with nature has gone through some seismic shift in the past few years, well before this whole pandemic thing  happened. Many truths I have always held as self-evident are no longer beyond doubt. It  is the same with this pandemic and vaccination. 


I have written a blog about how our understanding of the origin of the virus and our way of  dealing with it could be problematic, but it got deleted when the readership reached about  190k. It does not matter whether I am right or wrong. There is always the possibility that I am  wrong. But limiting our intellectual exploration to just one single voice is dangerous, to say the least. Of course it is not shocking this is happening in China, but it is not just China. There has  been unprecedented level of censorship on the topic of vaccination around the world. Today  let’s unpack it just a little bit. 


Before we talk about what vaccines do and what they don’t do, we need to dial back and look at the whole situation from a different angle.


So much fear has been instilled in the human psyche in the past two years because of this pandemic. I used to hold a lot of it myself. But is it really justified? You may think so if all you read is mainstream media headlines. The number of infection cases keeps going up, people are dying. That is pretty scary. Isn’t it? 

⾸先,作为测试新冠的金标准,PCR(聚合酶链反应),核酸测试,是一个存在着严重缺陷的临床测试⼯具。与许多人的理解相反,PCR测试无法检测到病毒本身,它检测的是病毒的遗传序列。 PCR 测试的发明者,获得化学诺贝尔奖的Kary Mullis 曾经表示,PCR不是⽤来做诊断⼯具的。实际的误报率我们并不知道。我看过各种各样的数字。我很信任的⼀位科学家扎克·布什 (Zach Bush)医⽣的估计约为30%⾄80%。 

First of all, the gold standard of the testing methodology PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is  profoundly flawed as a testing tool . Contrary to what many people have assumed, a PCR test  cannot detect the virus itself, rather the genetic sequence of a virus. Kary Mullis, the inventor  of the PCR test who was awarded the Noble Prize in Chemistry, stated himself that  PCR is not intended nor suitable to be used as a diagnostic tool. The actual false positive rate  is unknown. There are all sorts of numbers out there. The estimate from a scientist that I  follow and trust, Dr. Zach Bush, is around 30% to 80%. 

美国的新冠死亡率居于世界前位,这⼀点都不让我奇怪。很多美国人的饮⻝和生活方式非常不健康。但那些数字还是有些误导。我当然并不知道它到底有多准确或多不准确。但我知道的是,在新冠发⽣之前,美国的呼吸道疾病死亡率是七年来最低的。可以预见,在未来几年中,由于 呼吸道疾病引起的呼吸道疾病死亡率会有所增加。我还知道,与其他疾病相比,新冠让医院从政府得到更多的经济补偿。如果患者使⽤呼吸机,补偿金额会更多。因此,可以想象某种程度的欺诈是可能存在的。

I am not surprised US has one of the highest mortality rate in the world from covid due to its very unhealthy diet and lifestyle. But its number is still misleading. I don’t claim to know how  accurate or inaccurate it is. What I know is, before this pandemic happens, US has the lowest respiratory mortality in seven years. It is predictable there will be an increased mortality due to  respiratory diseases in the upcoming years to “catch up”, so to speak. What I also know is,  hospitals are reimbursed from the government a lot of more money for treating COVID than  treating any other disease. If the patient is on a ventilator, they get even more. So, some  degree of fraudulence is totally conceivable. 


Even with all this probable inaccuracy, what is the current estimate of the fatality rate? The  following data is from US CDC: 

平均存活率约99.99% 我们内⼼的恐惧和这个数字好像不是特别相符?

On average, it’s about 99.99% non fatal. The amount of fear existing in the general population  and these numbers don’t seem to square with each other. 


So we’re putting in enormous resources of the world to develop vaccines to deal with this virus. Are they even going to do what we think they are going to do? To understand how effective a vaccine is, let’s first reexamine our understanding of what a virus is. 


When I do my research around nutrition and issues like vaccines, I am cautious of the people  who are too far out on the both ends of the spectrums. When you are too invested in one idea or belief, it is very easy to invite bias. Instead I tend to listen to people in the middle of the road  with good credentials and without agendas. One of those people is Dr. Zach Bush. Board  certified in three areas of medicine: endocrinology, internal medicine, and hospice care, he  gave up his research on cancer treatment and has focused on the symbiotic relationship  between humans and the environment. His ability to weave through different issues connecting the dots and his depth of understanding of human immunology and virology have helped me a lot in detangling my confusions. 


To understand what viruses are and how important they are to human health and balance, I  quote Dr. Bush:


“We humans would not have existed without them. There are about 10 to 31 (that is 31 zeros  after 1, about 10 million times more than the number of stars in the entire universe) viruses in  the air, about another 10 to 31 viruses in the ocean, and about the same in the soil……A single  gram of stool from a baby at seven days of age has 10 to the 8 viruses in it…… We now have  categorized at least 50% of the human genes as having come directly from an unedited insert  from a virus. 


A virus is a package of information at the genetic level that is transferred through the air, water,  soil systems…… What these viruses are supposed to do when getting into human system is to  update the genome. That’s why majority of the people with the viruses are asymptomatic or  have mild symptoms. But when the body is not functioning normally, it does not act to the  viruses the way it is supposed to.  


We have vilified the very thing that has built human life on the planet. And if we continue to  adopt a scientific attitude of that warfare mentality on the very thing that built us, we will create our own demise.  

我们必须谦卑地认识到,数百年来的细菌学理论让我们对抗生素,抗病毒药和疫苗这些方法深信不疑,其实我们错误地理解了,破坏了我们的⼈体是如何运作的。如果我们想要在未来七十年内防止⼈类可能的灭绝,我们需要迅速地扭转我们的科学思维,我们要意识到,人类和微生物群是共生的,微生物群将⼀直都在让⼈类更具弹性,更具适应力,并且更智慧。如果我们不相信这⼀点,那么我们就需要制造越来越强⼤的针对微⽣物群的核武器,并最终消灭地球上所有的生命, 这就是我们现在正在做的事情。

We have to humbly recognize at this point that in our hundreds of years of germ theory, applied  to our belief in antibiotics, antivirals, and vaccines, and all of these mechanisms, we have  mistakenly undermined the way in which biology happens. We need to rapidly, if we’re going to  prevent our own extinction event in the next seven decades, we’re going to need to envision a  whole new scientific paradigm in which we are always in relationship with the microbiome at  every level and we are trusting that the microbiome is always going to make us more intelligent  and more resilient and more adaptive than we were before that experience. If we dont trust  that, then we need to build bigger and bigger nuclear weapons against the microbiome and  ultimately annihilate all life on earth, which is what were doing right now.” 


Viruses are not our enemy that is bent on destroying us. They are the update we need for our bodies to come into balance with the increasingly toxic world around us. Using vaccinations to  deal with viruses are quite like using antibiotics to deal with bacteria: we are fighting a dangerous and losing battle, because nature can never be outsmarted by humans, because we are part of nature. 


The impression most people have about vaccines is, once we are vaccinated, we are safe. Not so fast. To understand why, let’s dig a little deeper into our immune system. 


We have two types, or two steps of immune system: innate immune system and adaptive  immune system. The innate immune system is like a party bouncer, dictating who can come in  and who cannot. It is this second to second, minute to minute regulatory system that controls the way the body utilizes genomic information, such as information from the viruses. The  adaptive immune system is more downstream. It has to deal with the innate immune system’s decision. In the case of a virus, it does not deal with the virus itself, but with the proteins  produced by the virus, if the innate immune system decides to take the virus in, instead of  rejecting it. 


What a vaccine does, whether it is an inactivated vaccine (China) or nucleic acid vaccine (US),  its objective is to produce antibodies to kill the cells that produces the proteins. This activity happens way downstream, when the virus is already out of your system. Yes, a virus is out of  your body within a few days after you come into contact with it. When you develop all these nasty symptoms, that is when your adaptive immune system is working, trying to get into balance with the new genetic information that is taken in by the innate immune system.  Antibodies won’t develop until three to five weeks after your first contact with the virus. 


Therefore, a vaccine does not protect you from either getting the virus, or spreading the virus,  because antibodies don’t have anything to do with the virus getting in and out of your body.  What a vaccine does is to lessen the symptoms associated with the adaptation process to  make it less lethal. 


To think you are fully protected once you are vaccinated and you can go out partying is quite dangerous. 


So even if it does not offer full protection, but makes it less lethal, why are vaccines are becoming such a controversial and censored issue? Because the potential long term risks  associated with vaccination. 


If we just focus on this particular COVID vaccine, the mRNA vaccine used in US and a big part of the world is a very new type of vaccine. To quote WHO: 


“The nucleic acid approach is a new way of developing vaccines. Before the COVID-19  pandemic, none had yet been through the full approvals process for use in humans”.  


What the vaccine does is to deliver a messenger RNA into your system, mostly lungs. RNA is basically a genetic instruction transcribed from DNA. Your cells receive this instruction, and  decide to make proteins, then your immune system sees it and starts producing antibodies.  Because it is so new, one of the questions is: is everybody receiving the vaccine going to  produce proteins as expected?  


The more concerning question is: are there long term unintended consequences? 

可能会有。在世界范围内,开始出现越来越多的⾃身免疫疾病(我们的免疫系统攻击我们自己的器官),包括1型糖尿病,类风湿性关节炎,多发性硬化症,桥本甲状腺炎等。⼀些科学家认为这种现象与疫苗的⼴泛使⽤有关。我不知道这是不是真的,但是对我来说这⾄少是可能的。我们的免疫系统是你可以想象到的最复杂,最负监管性的系统之⼀。我们⽬前对它的理解就像⼤海中的⼀滴水。当我们认为我们可以操纵我们的免疫系统,让它乖乖服从我们的指令时,我们并没有意识到它可能造成的风险。过度敏感,过度活跃的免疫系统并不是⼀件好事。 引⽤扎克·布什医生的话: 

There might be. The world has seen a growing number of autoimmune diseases (our immune  system attacking our own organs), including type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple  sclerosis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, etc. Some scientists have linked this to the widespread use of vaccinations around the world. I don’t know if this true, but it makes intuitive sense to me.  Our immune system is one of the most complicated and most regulated systems you can ever  imagine. Our current understanding of it is like a drop in the ocean. When we think we can  maneuver nature and trick our system into obedience, we take on risks we may not be fully aware of. An oversensitive and overactive immune system may not be a good thing after all.  To quote Zach Bush: 


“The amount of autoimmune disease that we could see come out in the next five years could be  devastating……Im very confident that were going to have a devastating effect on global  immunity and its intelligence to who we are. We are losing our self identity as human as our  immune system gets more and more activated to our own cells.”  


The prevalence of misunderstanding about vaccination is partly a result of the mainstream narrative. When I am writing this blog, I saw a headline from CNN along the line: As the rate of  vaccination increases in US, we’ll get to herd immunity by the summer. I don’t know if I should laugh, or if I should be sad.  

戴尔·哈里森(Dale Harrison)是生物技术行业的高级主管,在这个领域工作20多年,在⽣物研究和分子诊断领域拥有丰富的经验。他并不是反对疫苗的人,并且计划接种疫苗。这是他对群体免疫的评价:

Dale Harrison is a senior executive working in the biotech industry for more than 20 years, with  vast amount of experience in leading research and molecular diagnostics. He is not someone  against vaccination, and plans to be vaccinated once it is available to his age group. Here is  what he says about herd immunity: 

“但是,基于我对数据的了解以及对基本病毒学以及传染病的⼯作原理的理解,我认为可能没有群体免疫的可能性。” 对于群体免疫,需要四个因素的同时发⽣,你需要⼀种有效的疫苗,可以提供持久的终身免疫保护……你需要接种⼀定比例的人口,传染性越高, 需要接种的百分比就越高……对于新冠,根据最新变种的R需求估计,需要接种疫苗的人口在90%以上……群体免疫力的第三个条件是必须有完全免疫的效果,因为你需要能够停⽌传播……然后,没有被广泛讨论的第四个条件是,动物不具备传染能力。” 

“But my look at the data and my understanding of the underlying virology and how infectious  disease works, what I see is probably no possibility of herd immunity. If you think about herd  immunity, you really need four things for that to occur, so you need an effective vaccine that’s  going to offer durable lifetime immune protection……You need a critical percentage of the  population to be vaccinated, and the more infectious the disease, the higher that percentage  is……with COVID, So based on the estimates of the R-nought of this new variant, we’re going  to need north of 90% of the population vaccinated……the third condition for herd immunity is  the vaccine has to confer sterilize and immunity because you need to be able to stop the transmission……Then the fourth thing that isn’t talked about as much is that the virus needs to  not have an animal reservoir.” 


So how in the world are we ever going to get to herd immunity with COVID? The answer is we don’t. This virus will stop causing disruptions to our lives by the summer, or later this year, with or without vaccines, not because we reached a so-called “herd immunity” with the help of  vaccination, but because we have come into balance with it. 


If you find all this confusing and overwhelming and hard to believe, you are not alone. I’ve  gone through a lot of mental turmoil myself, and I’m still going through it. How can the world  be wrong? How can all those virologist, epidemiologists, immunologies, those Harvard and  Princeton educated experts be wrong? I have gone out of my way to make sure my daughter gets vaccinated, even for those diseases not mandated. How can that be wrong? 

但我有可能是错的。整个世界也有可能是错的。⽤布什医生的话,我们可以“成为同谋,但并不愚蠢……我们可以以⼀种聪明的方式,陷于⼀个陷阱”。 世界错过不止⼀次。我们曾经相信地球是平的,我们曾经相信地球是宇宙的中心。现在,我们继续着人类是⽣物体中心这样的信仰,并且试图摧毁⼀切似乎阻挡我们的东西。这种傲慢让我们无视我们需要和大自然保持平衡,而不是去战斗和摧毁它这样的事实。病毒是自然界对这个星球日益增加的毒素做出的反应之一。是为了更新我们的基因组,让我们与这个世界时时刻刻保持平衡。不断恶化的⼈类健康使我们更容易受到这种更新的负⾯影响。我们该醒醒了。

But the possibility is there that I might be wrong. The possibility is there that the whole  world might be wrong. Using Dr. Bush’s words, we can“be complicit without being stupid……  in an intelligent fashion, we can be stuck in a trap”The world has been wrong more than once.  We used to believe the earth was flat, we used to believe earth was the center of the universe.  Now we’re hanging on to the belief that we humans are at the center of biology, and we try to  annihilate and engineer everything out of our way. This hubris made us completely blind to the  fact that, nature is something we need to be in balance with, not something to fight and  conquer. Viruses are part of nature’s responses to the increasing level of toxicity we have put  on this planet. They are there to update our genome to make us in balance with the increasingly toxic world. The deteriorating human health makes us more vulnerable to this  update. We as humans need to wake up to that fact. 

为了让画⾯更全⼀点,我⽆妨把这个也写出来吧:在大多数国家,制药公司对于疫苗是可以无责的。这就是说,如果你因为疫苗接种而受伤或在健康方面受到任何伤害,制作疫苗的制药公司将不承担任何责任。你得去政府那里告状,寻求赔付。在⽀出的数额⽅⾯,制药公司是美国排名第⼀的游说集团:花在游说政客上的钱平均每年超过2亿美元。但这与它在媒体上的广告⽀出相比则相形见绌: 2020年制药公司的⼴告⽀出超过90亿美元。

Just to add more perspectives, I am going to throw this out there: In most countries,  pharmaceutical companies are indemnified when it comes to vaccination. That means, if you  get injured or have any adverse health effect from the vaccination, the pharmaceutical  companies who made the vaccine are not liable. You have to to go to the government to make  your case. Pharmaceutical companies are the number one lobbying group in the US in terms  of its spending: more than $ 200 million per year on average. But that pales in comparison to  its advertisement spending on digital media: more than $ 9 billion in 2020. 


For any decision we make in life, it comes down to its risk relative to its benefit. Vaccines may make sense for some people. But I hope this blog can help you dispel some of the myths and  help you make your own decision. 


Finally, for our personal health, I believe, eating right, getting plenty of restorative sleep, moving  around regularly, being in nature often, having fulfilling careers or causes, having nourishing  relationships, loving yourself, be at peace with yourself, are the best protection and immunity defense you can ever have.